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Inside the neogothic façade from the 19th century, the 6, Mandel offers an unprecedented atmosphere and a sumptuous chambre d’hôte.
Jean-Christophe Stöerkel has surrounded himself with talented craftsmen and artists to reinvent a space influenced by Christian Dior and Jacques Homberg from the 1950’s.
The shades of the famous pearl grey multiply in Jouy’s paintings reissued by Frey, and on the walls by Denis Berteau. Success of the alchemy between the innovating materials used and prestigious heritage of culture.
Nested in the silky bed or dreaming on the little balcony shaped like a rotunda, the guest escapes under the benevolent gaze of the Eiffel Tower.
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Jacques Homberg and Christian Dior: a friendship that will last from 1938 until the great designer’s death in 1957


Jacques Homberg was Christian Dior’s friend. It’s with him that he purchased his apartment on 10, rue Royale in 1938.

The two men worship discretion, antiquities from the Bell-Epoque and objects from different global cultures.

They will pace through all of Europe to lay hands on the most beautiful antiquities.

As mentioned by Marie-France Pochna who collected about a hundred testimonies to write C. Dior’s biography: « While keeping an extreme – not to say unhealthy – discretion, Dior liberated himself in that area. He shares his existence with a friend who lives under his roof (which Jacques Homberg owns) on rue Royale.

He’s a boy from a good family background with whom the young Christian Dior shares a lot of common interests. (…). We pace through European museums, we search for 1900 antiquities, we share his ideas about the French countryside’s beauty that Dior dotes. »

(see Christian Dior by M-F Pochna)

Christian is as shy and fairly round as Jacques is slender and tall for those times. We can summarize his profile thanks to the novel anecdotes from Marie-France Pochna’s archives. Certain phrases are repeated over and over in the testimonials: Jacques is described as a « very educated » man, « sometimes cold and distant » « sure of his superiority »… A true « top model » too, sophisticated with expressive gestures.


Jacques Homberg (1915-2000):

As the child of a couple that divorced very soon after WWI, a « scandal » at the time among the higher social classes, Jacques lived with his father. The latter came from a family from the banking business, which even includes one of the founders of the Société Générale.

The future friend of Christian Dior inherited many art collections and passion for them from his father. This inheritance allowed him to live comfortably throughout his life.

Many of his art pieces are now parts of collections in the most famous museums in the world: The Louvre, the musée Guinet, MET in New York and many more.

Until the passing of the designer, they won’t cease to see and appreciate each other (see Christian Dior’s daily planner: last meeting before his last trip to Italy on Wednesday October 9th 1957 was with Jacques Homberg).

The 6, Mandel is the Jacques Homberg’s last residence, where he passed away in 2000. He bought this mansion from the Princess of Caraman Chimay in 1956.

Christian Dior lived very close, on Bd Jules Sandeau. They simply can’t acquire anything without each other’s opinion.

The Art Nouveau design that governs at the current 6, Mandel seduced them. They decided to keep everything as is and just restore it.

Every room was decorated by one of the former owners of the house: the famous silent movie actress, Pearl White.

Jean-Christophe Stöerkel decided to pay tribute to these two vast personalities by using many of the references to their personal and professional lives when decorating the current bed & breakfast room, which used to be Jacques Homberg’s.

For example, one can find a nod to the moldings and motifs from the painting by Jouy called « escarpolette » used in their rue Royale apartment, as well as in the decorations of the first store on 30, avenue Montaigne (1946).

On the wall to the left of the bed, an original picture of Dior and Lucky, one of his favorite models in February 1954

Above the Napoleon III cabinet, an original photograph of Dior presenting the « Blenheim dress » at the Blenheim Palace in London before Princess Margaret in November 1954.

A picture by Emile Savitry (Brassai’s student) of Christian Dior drawing at his desk.

Above the bed, a print of the famous painting by Gruau (Christian Dior’s friend who contributed to numerous ad campaigns for many different collections and perfumes of the high-end fashion brand). In addition, the choice of the red piece of art, a hint to the famous designer’s favorite color… Who would have imagined!

The grey velvet from his living room on Bd Jules Sandeau

The bedding made out of velvet with the Dior folds

The quilting, headboard and tub chair, all adored by Christian Dior

Medallion chair from the times of Louis XVIth that is still an emblem of the brand

Trimmings from Declercq. These trimmings can be found abundantly in the interior design of the numerous apartments and houses that belonged to the two men.


Night from monday to thursday: 190 € per night

Night from friday to sunday: 235 € per night

Pack week-end 2 nights : 420 €

Pack week-end 3 nights : 610 €

Possibility to have a breakfast : 20 € per person

To confirm your reservation, please send us a deposit – 50% of the total cost of your stay – by sending the check to Jean-Christophe Stöerkel at this address: Natureleï, 6, av. G. Mandel – 75116 Paris.

The following information has to be provided with payment:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your first name, last name and address
  • Your phone number where we can reach you in case of emergency
  • The dates of your booking

Once payment is received, we will confirm your booking. If you have any special requests regarding your stay, please let us know.


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